City of Olive Hill Utility District

City of Olive Hill Utility Department

225 Roger Patton Drive
Olive Hill, KY 41164
(606) 286-2192
Office Hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday - Friday
"Lighting the darkness and warming the night!"

Olive Hill Utility District - "Lighting the darkness and warming the night!"

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Olive Hill Utility Department Mission Statement

Provide safe, reliable, and cost effective utilities necessary to support the mission of the City of Olive Hill and its facilities. Chiefly through operation, maintenance, repair and improvement of the distribution systems for electricity, natural gas, water production plant and waste water plant.



Protect our workers and customers from the hazards inherent in the utilities production and distribution business. Produce and provide utilities safely throughout the city, in homes and businesses. Protect the environment from excessive utilities production process chemical, combustion and thermal emissions. Ensure integrity and security of utility distribution systems. Maintain records of compliance.


Provide utilities without interruption except when required for work to assure continued excellent service. Plan and provide system redundancies for reasonable contingencies to ensure rapid restoration of interrupted services. Accomplish preventive maintenance and selected system upgrades to ensure maximum mean time between failures. Measure and monitor system operations to adjust and predict system performances.

Cost Effectiveness

Provide necessary utility services at minimum expense of resources. Operate to conserve resources while meeting all utility demands. Maintain equipment at best operating efficiencies. Repair for least cost over the life of the facility or equipment. Improve systems, equipment and operations to reduce life cycle costs.